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Naming, Welcoming and Renaming Ceremonies...

Milestones in life should be celebrated.  Work with me to create a bespoke ceremony that marks a new chapter in your life with those you hold most dear.

Naming Ceremonies

A ‘Naming’ ceremony is a beautiful way to welcome a new baby into your family.  As well as officially naming your child/children you will be able to celebrate your new addition with all your loved ones.

Welcoming Ceremonies

Welcoming Ceremonies are a lovely way to welcome an adopted child or children into their new family. Taking part in such a Ceremony will allow you, alongside your wider circle of family and friends, to share your commitment to your newest member(s) and offer reassurances that they are now an integral part of your family unit.

Renaming Ceremonies

Renaming Ceremonies are for anyone who has decided to change their name to signify the start of a new stage of their lives.  What better way to do this than to bring your nearest and dearest together to share in your joy and offer their support to you as you move onto the next chapter of your life.

Your Ceremony... Your way!

As there are no legal requirements that have to be considered when planning a Naming Ceremony, you are free to include whatever you wish.  This may include…

One or more readings.  These may have a religious basis but equally may be non-secular and could for instance take the form of a favourite poem.

Should you wish to, you can include prayers from one or more religions into your ceremony.

Music often forms a very important part of a naming ceremony.  This could be in the form of a traditional hymn such as may be sung in a Christening, however it could just as easily be a favourite song that holds special significance to you.

You may choose to ask very close family or friends to act as Guide Parents (as opposed to God Parents) to the child.  Their role will be to support your child throughout their life and, during the ceremony, they may be asked to make certain promises, be involved in a symbolic ritual or read a reading.

During a Christening, the parents, God Parents and Congregation all make promises to the child.  These follow a set wording and there is no option to make changes.  Promises and commitments can also be incorporated into a naming ceremony but, you have the option of personalising these words and deciding how and when they are shared.

Symbolic acts play an important part in religious ceremonies.  There is also a place for symbolic acts in a naming ceremony if that is something you would like to do.  With a naming ceremony, there are no restrictions on what these symbolic acts can be and I have lots of ideas to share with you. It is possible to bring in Christian elements, or even combine symbolic acts from different cultures/religions which makes a celebrant led naming ceremony the perfect option for the children of a multi-cultural family.

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